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When it comes to having fun, no one does it better than Timezone! Timezone provides the young and the young-at-heart with many video arcade games to play with friends and family.

The activities in Timezone’s arcade game rooms will also keep everyone entertained for hours on end. If you have no idea where to go this weekend and wish to stay indoors to escape the blazing heat, just drop by any of the Timezone arcade locations around you in the Philippines.

Here at Timezone, the team fully understands that video games are not up everyone’s alley. This is why there are many other exhilarating fun indoor activities to play for those who like a little extra thrill when it comes to gaming at the arcade locations.

Overview of the Campaign

Overview of the Campaign
Each KOL to post in either IG or TikTok to promote Timezone new mobile app. They each have to inform their audience on how to top up through the app and the benefits their audience can get from using the app.

Platform used for this campaign is Instagram and Tiktok.

Hashtag Used:

Campaign Results

All KOL have followed the brief as instructed and gave the deliverables on time as planned.
The best performing contents are from Goldwin Reyes (TikTok Video) and Esnyr Ranollo (IG Reels).
Overall posting results are good with 7.73% engagement rates on TikTok (according to industry standards, a good average engagement rate for a TikTok video is around 2-5%).

Campaign Strategy

To increase user for TimeZone mobile app we curated specific influencer with their own niche audiences. The one with highest views are both comedians with comedy theme content. This can be taken as an example of content ideas for next campaign. However, a mix of various content personality is good because each KOL’s followers have different likings.

Campaign Implementation

To ensure a high rate of TimeZone Mobile App User, the influencer will mention and list the benefit of app use and how they could get the best deal through the app.

We managed the risk with complete brief and storyline approval before the content get drafted and uploaded, ensuring KOL to deliver everything according timeline.

Insight And Recommendation

It’s essential to experiment with different strategies to find what works best for your target audience.
It’s recommended to continue an ongoing partnership with the best performing KOL to maintain their audience’s engagement. This can increase brand loyalty among their followers.
Since one of the best performing KOL is posting from his Instagram account, it’s recommended to also mix Instagram content for next campaign. This way you can reach more audience through different platform.
Encourage the KOL followers to create and share user-generated content related to Timezone for next campaign. This can be done through hosting a contest for the audience



Our partnership with Timezone has been proven to be very successful in reaching the targeted goals, and the set numbers.
Influencer marketing is proven to be highly effective to introduce and inform new platform for existing brand.

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