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Lazada is an international e-commerce company and is known to be one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Founded on March 27, 2012, it has signed up over 10,000 third-party sellers and has 50 million annual active online buyers**.

Lazada has introduced a program called Lazada Affiliate, which allows users to generate shareable tracking links for shopping. Users earn a commission whenever a purchase is made through these links.

*as of November 2014
**as of September 2019

The purpose of this case study is to provide a detailed breakdown of our campaign and partnership with Lazada, with a focus on their Affiliate program.

Overview of the Campaign

We launched a partnership with Lazada with two objectives in mind:

  • Drive GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) for brands in partnership with Lazada
  • Drive commissions for StyleDoubler

We recruited influencers who are signed to our StyleDoubler for Creators app, specifically users who actively promote discounts in various social media channels.

The promoted products are recommended and offered at discounted prices on Lazada, particularly during double-day (twin date) sales.

Campaign Results

  • The conversion rate during 2022 is 2.3%. Sales revenue (GMV) is Rp21,399,028,631.
  • Specific metrics and KPIs used to measure the success of the campaign: number of clicks, number of orders, GMV, commissions.
  • After our partnership, Lazada’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 2022 has been proven to be twice that of its GMV in 2021.

Campaign Strategy

To increase GMV and sales commissions, Lazada provides vouchers to our top influencers.

We are well aware of the significant role that influencer marketing plays in affiliate campaigns; it can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a brand’s website, and boost sales.

Here’s how we utilize those strengths in our strategy:

Build Trust and Credibility

In the digital age, trust and credibility have become very important for influencers to possess. With the right amount of trust and credibility, brands are able to increase the likelihood of sales, establish a strong reputation, and build trust with potential customers through influencers.

Drive Traffic to Brand Websites

Influencers can create content that promotes your products and services, including clickable affiliate links for easy customer access. This can help drive traffic and increase the likelihood of sales.


Target Specific Audiences

Influencers often have a niche following, meaning they market themselves based on a particular topic or area. This can help brands reach highly targeted audiences that are sure to be interested in the products and services they offer.

Measure Results

Since influencer marketing is mostly executed digitally, statistics can be easily tracked and measured. This allows brands to see which influencers drive the most traffic and sales, optimize campaigns, and focus on the most effective strategies possible.

Campaign Implementation

The campaign utilizes the Lazada Affiliate Dashboard System, which is connected to our internal system, including the mobile application.

To ensure a high participation rate, the campaign will align with Lazada’s double-date campaigns (e.g., 5.5, 6.6, 11.11, etc.). Key opinion leaders (KOLs) will start posting as early as one week before the campaign date.

We achieved a total of Rp21.4 million in sales, surpassing the target of Rp15 million. Campaign statistics are tracked and measured through the affiliate links shared by influencers.

Key Insights and Learnings


Influencers who have an authentic voice and a real-time connection with their followers are highly valued, as this helps to build long-term trust with their audience and their customers in general.

Targeted audience reach

Via influencer marketing campaigns, brands are able to tap into a targeted audience that perfectly matches the products and services they offer

Building Relationship with Influencers

It is crucial to build long-lasting relationships with influencers as they greatly impact and enhance the potential for future partnerships.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and monitoring analytics on a daily basis are crucial for evaluating the overall progress of campaigns.

The insights gained during the campaign have given us a better understanding of how influencer marketing operates. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for influencer marketing. We also learned that it is crucial to recruit authentic influencers who value their relationships with their followers. Additionally, it is important to remain agile and adapt strategies accordingly. This includes experimenting with various types of influencers, content formats, platforms, and promotional tactics.


We encountered several internal system errors during the campaign, and the rejection rate was also quite high, exceeding 50%. This resulted in a significant disparity between the estimated commissions and the final commissions.


  • Our partnership with Lazada has been proven to be very successful in reaching the targeted goals, even surpassing the set targets.
  • Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing have been proven to be highly effective for e-commerce platforms like Lazada.

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