How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Generally, affiliate marketing involves three parties:

  • Product Owners
    A vendor or product provider whose products or services will be sold by the buyers
  • Buyers
    Buyers earn commission by promoting and selling the products or services provided by product owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
    An affiliate to promote products belonging to the aforementioned product owners

At StyleDoubler, affiliate marketing involves content creators, brands, and affiliate marketing companies (like StyleDoubler).

Where there are two relationships that are built, namely between content creators and the affiliate marketing company, and the other is between the affiliate marketing company and brands.

Here are the steps on how affiliate marketing works between influencers, brands and affiliate marketing companies in general:

  1. Brands and content creators register into an affiliate marketing company
  2. Content creators encourage product sales from brands through affiliate marketing company, where sales will be tracked via customized URLs that have been modified (also known as affiliate links) that can be created by affiliate marketing companies to be distributed by content creators on their social their media pages such as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter
  3. Every time a purchase has been made from an affiliate link, the brand will pay the content creator a commission from a percentage of the product price set by the affiliate marketing company