Millions of dollars in sales generated for Shopee through StyleDoubler network.

  • 2M+ Products Sold
  • $6M+ Sales Generated
  • 2.000+ Influencers Participated

Campaign results


Products Sold


Sales Generated


Influencers Participated

Know The Brand

Shopee is a multinational technology company based in Singapore, first established in 2009 under Sea Limited (previously Garena). Currently one of the leading eCommerce companies in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee focuses on providing both buyers and sellers with an easy, fast, and secure online shopping experience thanks to a robust payment system and dependable logistical support.

Shopee covers a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics, home and living, health and beauty, baby and toys, to fashion and fitness equipment.

Campaign Objective

  • Drive sales conversions to brand per allocated budget
  • Brands will pay commission on a certain percentage of GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) for every successful purchase and completed order to influencers and KOLs

Campaign Implementations

KOL creates product content that includes clickable Shopee affiliate links

KOL will earn a commission every time a purchase is made through a Shopee link within the cookie period of 7 (seven) days

Campaign Results

StyleDoubler helped brands drive more sales without an initial investment

Brands are interested in doing content creation with StyleDoubler as well as working exclusively with brand partners

Campaign Findings

Brands are satisfied due to the volume of GMV generated Brands offer us incentive programs for top-performing KOLs to grow affiliate programs Campaign has expanded into other types, such as content creation (payment based on rate card)

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