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Know The Brand

SHEIN is a Chinese-based online fast fashion retailer. First established in 2008, the company has employed over 10,000 workers and was named the world’s largest fashion retailer as of 2022.

This case study aims to break down the partnership between SHEIN and StyleDoubler.

Overview of the Campaign

The campaign’s primary goal is to promote SHEIN and gain brand exposure.

We partnered with SHEIN to support their primary marketing tool through KOLs.

Campaign Performance

  • 5 Campaign Executed
  • 12 Influencer Participated
  • 2.8M+ Instagram Reach
  • 263K+ Instagram Engagement
  • 2.3M+ TikTok Reach
  • 144K+ TikTok Engagement

Campaign Strategy

We applied two strategies for this campaign:

  • Target Market Expansion
    Due to the addition of Home & Living and Moms & Kids, SHEIN has expanded its KOL categories.
  • Content Repurposing
    We expanded our KOLs’ content repurposing and used them on SHEIN’s website and mobile app.

Metrics and KPI

  • Number of Reaches
  • Number of Engagement
  • Engagement Rate

Campaign Implementation

Instagram & TikTok

The content of every KOL is tracked and measured through the in-built Insights and Analytics tools provided by Instagram and TikTok.

Content Sample

Content Insights:

  • The format and length of the content are adjusted to match the behavior of users on each platform.
  • Both Instagram and TikTok users prefer snackable and interactive content.

TikTok Content Sample

Instagram Content Sample

Insights and Learning

  • One of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) noticed a decrease in their views on TikTok, which they suspect was due to a shadow ban.
  • It is proven very lucrative for SHEIN to expand its KOL categories to attract a wider audience.
  • Incorporating interactive elements and gamification into promotional content is highly encouraged, as this drives more engagement and participation from the audience.


  • Our partnership with SHEIN went very smoothly because using KOL as their primary marketing tool aligns with our specialty in influencer marketing management.
  • The main goal of this campaign, which was to gain brand exposure, was met with satisfactory results.
  • In conclusion, SHEIN succeeded significantly in using KOL as its primary marketing tool. It is also highly recommended that SHEIN expand the KOL category for a wider reach.