Fraud Detection Policy


This Fraud Detection Policy outlines the guidelines and measures to prevent fraudulent activities related to social media content views within our influencer marketing platform. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform, ensuring fair compensation for influencers, and delivering authentic engagement to our clients.

Definition of Fraudulent Activity:

Fraudulent activity includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bot-generated views or engagements.
  • Purchasing fake views or engagements.
  • Using click farms or automated systems to inflate metrics.
  • Engaging in excessive refreshing or manipulative methods to artificially increase view counts.

Guidelines and Expectations:

Influencers are required to adhere to ethical practices and transparently disclose any collaborations or sponsored content.

Engagement and views must be genuine, organic, and driven by authentic audience interest.

Any attempt to manipulate metrics through fraudulent means is strictly prohibited.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in severe consequences, including account suspension or termination.

Verification and Validation Processes:

We employ robust analytics tools and third-party verification services to validate view counts and detect anomalies.

Regular audits and cross-referencing of data are conducted to identify discrepancies or suspicious activity.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis:

Real-time monitoring systems are in place to track irregularities or sudden spikes in view counts.

Algorithms and AI-based systems are utilized to flag potential fraudulent activities for manual review.

Periodic Audits and Reviews:

Scheduled and random audits are conducted to verify influencer performance metrics.

These audits aim to maintain the accuracy and legitimacy of reported engagements.

Zero-Tolerance Policy:

We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent behavior.

Violations will result in severe consequences, including account suspension, legal action, and potential blacklisting.

Legal Compliance:

This policy complies with all relevant laws and regulations concerning data privacy, advertising standards, and consumer protection.

Continuous Improvement:

We commit to regularly reviewing and updating this policy to adapt to evolving fraudulent tactics and technological advancements.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Collaboration with industry experts and law enforcement agencies strengthens our fraud detection measures.

By agreeing to be part of our platform, influencers acknowledge and agree to abide by this Fraud Detection Policy.

Zero-Tolerance Policy and Consequences

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent behavior. Any influencer found engaging in fraudulent activities, as outlined in this policy, will face severe consequences:

Immediate Rejection from the Campaign:
If an influencer is found to have manipulated metrics or engaged in fraudulent activities, they will be immediately rejected from the ongoing campaign. The influencer will no longer be eligible to participate in the current campaign or receive any associated compensation.

Account ban for Further Campaign Participation with StyleDoubler:
The influencer’s account will be banned, barring them from future participation in campaigns facilitated through StyleDoubler. This ban is a preventative measure to uphold the integrity of future campaigns and to protect the interests of our clients and fellow influencers.

Termination of Partnership:
Repeated violations or egregious instances of fraud may result in the termination of the influencer’s partnership with StyleDoubler. This termination includes the forfeiture of any remaining compensation in the influencer’s account balance. The influencer will not be eligible to receive any funds left in their account as a consequence of their actions.

We take any attempt to manipulate metrics seriously and will take necessary actions to maintain the authenticity and fairness of our influencer marketing platform.