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Influencer Campaign Management

Not sure what you or your campaign’s missing? No worries — we’re happy to help.

Launch Campaigns

Create campaigns that exceed your standards. Build customized workflows, define specific goals, and design according to your needs.

Configure Campaign Tasks

Campaigns are not one size fits all. StyleDoubler helps you determine the perfect strategy for your campaign. Get results that go above and beyond your targets.

Manage Product Seeding

Expand your product reach by seeding influencers with products. Get the most out of your campaign budget by harnessing this cost-effective approach to introduce your products to the right customers.

Personalized Promo Codes

Develop a loyal following and create rewarding partnerships by issuing personalized promo codes for influencers and content creators.

Easy Influencer Payments

Enjoy a hassle-free experience regarding payments with StyleDoubler. We handle the payment process so you don’t have to!

Manage Influencer Contracts

It’s our job to ensure that everything is up to standard and output quality remains top-notch through careful influencer contract management.

Brand Assets

Digital content creation is a vast playground of ideas. Take a look at our brand assets (exclusively shared with influencers and creators) for fresh ideas. Remain unique in a sea of clones to keep your content quality in check.

Bridging Communication

Connect with thousands of influencers through our ever-expanding network. StyleDoubler has successfully signed tens of thousands of KOLs across various demographics as the top platform for influencer marketing.

Performance Measurement and Reporting

StyleDoubler keeps you updated with regular performance reviews coupled with actionable reporting to help you understand your trajectory and determine future steps.

Paid Media Amplification

Amplify your content reach with our results-driven approach to user acquisition and paid media. Our team will identify ad auctions, budget allocations, offers, copy, creatives, and more based on ROI across all major ad channels.

Team Collaboration

Staying on top of things is essential. Collaborate with the StyleDoubler team to ensure a smooth process complete with seamless communication.

StyleDoubler has a vast network of KOLs from different categories and cities. We are able to execute our campaigns as we want it, while getting the best selection of KOLs for each campaign.

Ayu Liza
Digital Media Planner for Oppo

Case Studies

Promoting one of Mola TV’s hit series, Killing Eve, to attract new subscribers.
7.64% Average ER Generated
1.3M+ Views Generated
16 TikTok KOLS recruited
A study on Somethinc’s sister brand, Glowinc, and their journey in breaking beauty industry boundaries by offering genderless skincare products at affordable price.
9.89% Average ER Generated
800K+ Views Generated
1200+ Products Sold

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