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The Truth about Influencer Marketing…

Did You Know?
Running influencer marketing is no simple task. If you haven’t done it, chances are you’ll spend hours just to look for an influencer you think is great for your campaign.

Another Problem is…
People think influencers are all the same. You could work with any influencers and you’ll get the numbers you desire anyway.

News Flash: No, They’re Not.
If you don’t know how to choose the right influencer, let us break it down to you: it’s not that easy. You might end up working with a random influencer with no real influence at all, and it will all be a waste of time.

But Now… Worry No More!

Because now we’ve provided you with a solution: StyleDoubler! A new platform for brand managers like you to run influencer marketing in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

What is StyleDoubler?

StyleDoubler is a platform that has everything for you to run your influencer marketing campaigns. We help brands to reach their targets, from ideation, planning, right down to the execution part.

Run Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns More Effectively with Styledoubler

See how easy it is to run your influencer campaigns with StyleDoubler.


Gain Access to Our Influencer Database

With an in-depth research, find the right influencer for your brand based on content, interaction, location, etc.


Align Your Strategy with Your Goals

Whatever goals and needs your brand needs, get a strategy specially tailored for all your needs.


Faster Campaign Management to 90%

With our latest technology-driven tools, you can cut the boring admin work like contracts, content briefs, and feedbacks, and cut right to where it matters.


Know How Effective Your Campaigns Are

A great campaign is a campaign you can measure. Through StyleDoubler, you can track sales and number of engagements to find ways to keep upgrading your campaign performance.


Integrated with Marketplaces

With StyleDoubler, your campaign is directly integrated with a lot of up-and-coming marketplaces. You can create affiliate links, measure your performance real-time along with your performance from each marketplace.

Bridging Communication

Connect with thousands of influencers through our ever-expanding network. StyleDoubler has successfully signed tens of thousands of KOLs across various demographics as the top platform for influencer marketing.

Why StyleDoubler?

Enjoy easy influencer marketing without spending hours.

Full Service Management

We’ll arrange, manage, and run your campaigns from start to finish so you can sit down, relax, and let us do all the process - which means you get to focus on the good stuff!

Sharp Strategies

Our experienced team will be the eyes, ears, and digital voice for your brand, to ensure you an innovative strategy that aligns with your goal, which means you get to run your campaigns the way you want them.

Dedicated Team

Our team works as an extension to your team, which means you get a chance to collaborate with our team of experts. You can get all of the solutions made for you when you need it.

Designed for Scale

With our platform, you can do every stage of the process from looking for influencers to measuring campaign performance, which means you can run as many campaigns as you can quickly and efficiently.

StyleDoubler has a vast network of KOLs from different categories and cities. We are able to execute our campaigns as we want it, while getting the best selection of KOLs for each campaign.

Ayu Liza
Digital Media Planner for Oppo

Best Offer for You

We offer you innovative packages for all of your brand needs. Let us take care of everything!

Content Creation

We’ll choose the perfect KOL and influencer for your brand and direct them to create content tailored to your brand needs; reviews, testimonials, before-after reviews, etc.

StyleDoubler’s Campaign Success Story

Azarine Cosmetics

Azarine Cosmetics has successfully raised sales for up to 100% in one month after working with StyleDoubler.



Avoskin has successfully raised its sales to 200% in one month after working with StyleDoubler.


Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Strategy Consultation with StyleDoubler!

Talk to us for FREE! Our Success Manager will help you figure out how StyleDoubler can help you in running your influencer marketing strategies.

The consultation will include:

  • Which strategy to use based on the latest trends
  • Which influencers to employ
  • What kind of content that fits your brand
  • Etc

Before you book a consultation with us, please remember...

Solidify your budget in advance

Make sure you are well and familiar with influencer marketing

Important: Due to the high number of requests, we will only serve the early bookers. Be sure to secure your spot FAST!
Click the button below to schedule a free consultation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our influencer database is available on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’ve worked in various industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Healthcare, Technology, Education, and many more.

If you’re new to influencer marketing, we suggest you experiment within a modest budget first before going all out with a full-fledged campaign.

We will appoint a dedicated team and Success Manager for every project. Said team will handle all of your campaign needs, along with the process, using our internal platform.

Your Future Starts Here

If you’re looking for solutions to:

  • Make your work easier, so you can focus on the bigger goals
  • Do influencer marketing the right way
  • Run as many campaigns as you can and need
  • Access a better way to reach your KPIs
  • Have a clear and deep understanding on how to increase your campaign performance
Then you’re in the right place! With StyleDoubler, you can run your campaigns right away.
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